Woolly Wormhead – the hat architect

Woolly Wormhead is a ‘hat architect’ leading a series of workshops at Loch Ness Knit Fest this year including knitting in the round, the art of the knitted circle, turning sideways and reversible cables. You can see the full festival programme and book your tickets online before they sell out!

So we’re all very intrigued to know more about Woolly Wormhead and what got her into knitting. Here’s her responses in our latest interview!

“My mum taught me to knit when I was 3 years old, and I remember asking for help casting off my first ever moss stitch square. I also remember working out increase methods for myself, although they aren’t necessarily how I’d do it today! My first jumper was finished when I was 9, and I used to knit and sew most of my school uniform.”

What do you love about knitting?
It’s engineering – how it links together my logical and creative sides. A combination of the simplest stitches can create a unique fabric, and further still, it doesn’t have to be 2-dimensional, it can branch off in any direction you like with a few relatively simple steps. I probably should disclose that I’m a qualified (and previously practicing) electronics engineer, have a degree in Textile sculpture and taught Art and Textiles to 11-19 year olds for a number of years!”

What’s your favourite fiber?
“Wool, of course! Preferably hand dyed worsted spun.”

Who inspires you?
Ooh, that’s a tough question to answer! Designer wise, for the way their minds work – Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, Carol Feller, Lee Meredith, Olga Buraya-Kefelian to name but a few. There are lots of other people I admire, for breaking new ground or simply saying things as they are. I’m not a fan of branding or dressing things up, and appreciate a more honest and transparent approach. Lots of people fall under that umbrella; Knit British podcaster would be one. Oh, this is hard to put all the names together!”

Tell us about some of your Scottish memories…  
My memories of Scotland revolve around the big cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow primarily. I’ve taught in both cities and am very much looking forward to exploring the Highlands more!

What do you look forward to most about Loch Ness Knit Fest 2017?
“Meeting fellow designers and teachers, and getting to wander the marketplace! I always try and take a little yarn away with me, not only to support the vendors but also because I rarely get to experience such beautiful yarns.”