Favourites from my vintage knitwear collection

By Hazel Tindall, Shetlands

Hazel’s mother kept selected pieces of knitwear – often favourites which she sometimes replicated in other garments. Hazel will show photos and tell what she knows about each piece. Question and answer session at the end.





Textiles in Shetland

By Elizabeth Johnston, Shetlands

Shetlanders have been knitting from about the mid 1600’s, and spinning and weaving for millennia. They are still spinning, weaving and knitting. Shetlander and handspinner, Elizabeth Johnston, will take you through a range of garments that have been produced throughout time, showing examples of 3000 years old weaving, knitwear from 1700 up to the present time, and garments she produces today.


BEYOND THE HORIZON – a tale about colourful knitwear.

 By Christel Seyfarth, Denmark

Christel Seyfarth, Danish knitwear designer, and one of the organizers of Loch Ness International Knit Fest, has a very special feeling for colour. Her contemporary fair-isle designs are true ART KNITS and she is known far beyond Denmark for her colour and patternmix. Her designs always involve many colours, and her special techniques involving steeking, magic balls, knitting withonly  1 colour at the time, AND never sewing in ends, fascinates all knitters.

Christel lives on the westernmost island of Denmark, and she is deeply inspired by the North Sea and the extraordinary cultural heritage of the island.

Christel’s lecture is about her island and her inspiration sources – when signing up for this exciting lecture you will not only want to start knitting fair-isle right away, you will also wish to book your next holiday on her island, Fanø.