Heathrow Present Opportunity For Crafting Entrepreneurs

We’re really excited to announce that our headline sponsor, Heathrow, have launched an initiative to help craft entrepreneurs from across the UK showcase their products to an international audience at Loch Ness Knit Fest 2017!

Our Marketplace is a real opportunity for both vendors and customers as it brings together quality products, passion for crafts and an enthusiastic crowd of festival goers! Heathrow quickly recognised that vendor space can prove to be costly for the smaller businesses trying to compete with the well-recognised brands. As a result, they’ve generously decided to sponsoring a handful of eager craft businesses that are within their first two years of trading. The sponsorship they’re providing covers 50% of the vendor’s Marketplace space and accommodation costs at Loch Ness Knit Fest 2017.

Announcing the opportunity, Heathrow Director of Communications Nigel Milton said “As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow knits together UK businesses to international markets. 

“We know Scottish goods and services are internationally loved and sought after, and we are working at building more trade routes for Scotland to reach new markets and opportunities.

“We are proud to fund Loch Ness Knit Fest, an event which shares our belief in fostering Scottish entrepreneurship and which shows the world that Scotland is open for business.”

Five businesses that have already embraced this unique opportunity include The Birlinn Yarn Company, Cosmic Strings, Lovebug’s Yarns, Spectrum Fibres and Secret Stash.

Meg Rodger from the Birlinn Yarn Company, producers of knitting yarn from sea-faring Hebridean sheep bred on the Isle of Berneray in the Scottish islands said ‘Running a business from the Hebrides is like a double edge Claymor. On the one hand we have a really great story – seafaring sheep, beautiful environment and a strong sense of provenance. However, financially, it is a challenge as once you have crossed the Minch and driven for hundreds of miles, it always costs a lot to participate in events. Thanks to Heathrow, I don’t have to worry about the costs, Loch Ness Knit Fest is going to be great and for the first time I will be there making sales and networking just like everyone else’.

Nikki McCrudden from Secret Stash, an Irish dyer inspired by her iPod’s ‘danger shuffle’ said ‘the sponsorship is giving us a chance to broaden our customer base, learn more about the fiber industry and meet people with a similar passion for all things yarn’.

The best bit, applications are still open so new businesses are encouraged to get in touch via email before the end of July ask@lochnessknitfest.com.

We’re delighted with this news at Loch Ness Knit Fest HQ as with a greater variety of vendors, we can continue to inspire crafting enthusiasts with a program that reaches and educates new consumers on the fun and beauty of knitting, crocheting and crafting with yarn.