Free Premature Baby Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Our Charity Partner this year is SCBU baby unit at Raigmore Hospital. We’re also supporting some of their international projects.

This sizing chart will help you work out the best sizes based on the weight of a baby…

Baby weight Head circumference Chest circumference Foot length
11/2 to 2lb 81/2” to 9″ 81/2” to 9″ 1″
2lb to 3lb 91/2” to 10″ 9″ to 10″ 11/2” to 2″
3lb to 4lb 101/2” to 11″ 10″ to 11″ 2″ to 21/2
5lb to 6lb 12″ to 121/2 12″ to 13″ 2.5″ to 3″
6lb to 7lb 13″ to 131/2 13″ 3″ to 31/2
7lb to 8lb 14″ to 15″ 131/2 31/2
8lb to 10lb 16″ 14″ 31/2

Double knitting yarn is preferred for the blankets. Blankets should measure 15″ x 15″ / 38 x 38cm (approx).

Our Charity Ambassador, Lynn, has provided the following patterns to get you started.

We’ve also included some links to patterns online. As the patterns below are free and have been written by members of the public, we cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies nor can we give any advice related to these patterns.

Feel free to use your own patterns if you wish and if you have created a pattern that you wish to share, please email