Estonian lace stitches and patterns

We’ve been catching up with Ethel Hillier who is teaching Estonian Lace and Lace Finishing at Loch Ness Knit Fest 2018. Here’s a bit about her background and her love for Estonian lace stitches and patterns!

I have always knitted, but then haven’t we all, those of us who grew up in the North of Scotland just after the war.

My first love was Fair Isle, the wonderful mix of colours- and then knitting the patterns in the natural wool colours.

I then turned to Shetland lace patterns which kept me busy for a while.

I came across Nancy Bushes book on Estonian Lace one day in a charity bookshop (this is really the bible of all new Estonian knitters!) and fell completely in love with the beautiful stitches and patterns.

I am still in love with the beautiful designs echoing nature.

I was helped on my journey into Estonian lace by my daughter-in-law and her sister and friends who come from the Baltic states. 

Estonian Lace can be knitted in the traditional shawl, which has a particular construction, but it can be used to great effect in more modern shawls, stoles and scarves, and in any yarn. My favourite is laceweight mohair knitted on large needles. The ‘nupps’ look wonderful.

On my page, ( ?? Please sort Caitlin) the little scarf with the Dorset buttons is knitted in handspun bluefaced Leicester Wool which I bought at last year’s Loch Ness Knit Fest. 

I’d love all lace knitters to join me and enjoy this loveliest of knitted lace.

Join Ethel Hillier in a Full Day Estonian Lace Workshop Friday 19th October at Loch Ness Knit Fest. This workshop covers an introduction to lace knitting including and vital rules for success. Learn about the history of Estonian Lace, the special stitches of  Estonian Lace and the construction of the traditional shawl and patterns. You’ll knit a sampler using the stitches and some patterns.