Calming and Rhythmic

There’s been a lot in the press lately about the health benefits of knitting! The meditative rhythmic movements and calming nature can reduce stress and anxiety while positively impacting mental functioning. We followed the unique story of Birger Berge, a 29 year-old Norwegian knitter from Bergen. He became famous on Instagram with his knitting pictures. Biger talks quite infectiously about his passion for the craft and how he’s used it as a way to reduce stress.

Opening the conversation up through our social media channels, we’ve realised there are many people out there who have wonderful stories about their love for knitting and how it has helped them in various ways throughout life.

One story which we found really inspiring was that of Lydia Macgregor Wilson who got in touch last week via our Loch Ness Knit Fest Facebook page. Lydia grew up in northern Germany and was always knitting in her high school classes as it helped her concentrate on the lessons and stopped her day dreaming. This was in the late 70s and 80s and her teachers were not amused but they grudgingly allowed it as they realised it did help. Lydia has shared some pictures of the cardigans and jumpers she created which you can see below.

Lydia lived in Glasgow and on the Isle of Skye for many years but has recently returned to her homelands in East Frisia to care for her mother. It was her mum that passed on the knitting skills to Lydia in the first place as she sewed all her children’s clothes and had a real love for knitting and crochet.

We’d like to say thanks to Lydia for sharing her memories with us and we have no doubt there are many others out there so please do get in touch.